Digital now covers a whole range of technical development, ranging from services including web, mobile and application design and development.

We can develop bespoke web and mobile applications that meet your specific needs.

Your requirements may have several possible solutions so we can offer advice on how to approach a project, and the budget and timescale which will be required.

For mobile we can provide native and cross-platform solutions. And for bespoke web applications offer solutions in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) meaning we can work toward most web-based technical outcomes.

We would offer creative solutions based upon your individual needs, delivering real business benefit, and maintenance options in the longer term.

Case Study - Edrington Group, a real-time production reporting app

Enterprise apps for corporate use

We were approached by top Scottish whisky producer Edrington (The Macallan / Highland Park) to investigate the potential to bring their bottling plant reporting onto a mobile device in real-time.

The aim was to provide operational management with a live report of the plant's status, available anywhere, independent of the desktop or local systems.

We produced a natively programmed iPhone app which did just that, providing a live feed of current production activity which updated every minute.

Not all app solutions are expected to be available over the app store, and this example is one of them, as the app was aimed at being used by a handful of users.

Deliverables -

Private / Enterprise iPhone app