In 2016 we completed a heritage trail app which included specially developed 360° virtual reality views [ read more here ].

We are currently using Augmented Reality for a new app in production - allowing users to interact with objects around them.


Gamifying the world around you - benefits for your business or organisation

Practical applications so far for VR and AR have included - viewing 360° video, visitor centre experiences, product launches, training without being in-situ, tourism and real-estate visualisations.

Needless to say new uses for this technology are being explored and taken advantage of all the time.


If you have you been considering how these technologies could progress your business, here are the main ways in which your audience can view your Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality app.


1. Just using their iPhone or Android smartphone - simple but powerful

VR and AR apps can be viewed through the majority of modern smartphones. The device’s directional technology orientates the view being shown to the user, overlaying added content for objects or locations of interest.

2. Virtual Reality viewers for smartphones

These are headsets in which you place your smartphone, acting as the screen, to view app based VR content. Google cardboard is the most widely proliferated (and least expensive), other popular headsets include the Samsung Gear VR, and Google Pixel phone and Daydream headset.

3. Fully immersive VR technologies

Higher-end headsets require specialist technologies and accessories. This experience replaces the users' real-world surroundings so that they are able to fully engage with the virtual environment. Usually reserved for specialist gaming or high value products.


For most business purposes options 1 and 2 can be the best value in terms of development, and more importantly they offer the greatest proportion of users, already owning a device, to view your content.

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