Developing audio trail apps with great engaging content for mobile

There is a real buzz at the moment for creating engaging content in digital products and this definitely applies to developing Audio Apps and Walking Tours.

As we found out during a recent project in Scotland - its all about storytelling through audio which entertains and engages the listener.

"The aim would be to create a documentary radio programme but contained within a location based app"

To address Renfrewshire Council’s requirements for their first heritage and tourism app we came to realise as developers we needed to go beyond merely coding and deliver a full package including creating all the required content for this walking heritage trail.

We proposed something entirely different from tired heritage apps which promise much but often deliver little - of which we saw many during our research!

Instead we suggested building a product which would truly bring to life the people and places which made Paisley. An Audio App with completely original content, and brought home within a feasible budget.

Realising we would need the help of a content creator we worked with Bafta nominated Cairn Production who are experienced in media production to create and edit the audio content.

The aim would be to create a documentary radio programme but contained within an app. The audio would be gathered by learning from local knowledge, conducting interviews with local experts, with people who could express their enthusiasm and knowledge about the history of the town. These interviews would have an authentic voice and would be available as short audio clips supplemented by flick-through galleries of photographs from the past for each location.

The outcome of the project are native apps for both iPhone and Android which we believe succeed in truly entertaining and engaging the listener.

For more information on the audio app ‘Look Up Paisley’ please see press articles and also links to download the app from the relevant app store.

Deliverable - Android Mobile App

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