Consuming internet streamed content on large living-room TV screens has become commonplace in a very short space of time.

Whether as a result of the "iPlayer effect" or because of the success of gaming console / entertainment platforms - streaming and web-content for the living room goggle-box is here to stay.

A central innovation is the Smart TV, a television connected to the Internet and allowing launch of applications. Smart TV is sometimes called “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV”.

Just as mobile devices now boast millions of available apps this trend is also expected for Smart TVs.

This is going to be a very interesting space for convergence of technologies.

As with the advent of the smartphone, where they rapidly went from "flashy gadget" to the only type of phone you could buy, Smart TVs are now the predominant models offered by supermarkets and consumer electronics stores.

There is huge opportunity to develop new creative content for the center of the living-room.

Talk to us about options for developing apps for Smart TVs and similar devices.

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