Mischief La Bas are truly innovative artists, developing both large scale performances and responsible for hilarious smaller-scale public 'interventions'

Welcome to the world of Mischief La-Bas, a performance company specialising in interactive theatre.

Its not easy to sum-up the effects of their 'interventions', but they succeed in promoting surprise, humour and imaginative engagement with the public.

As well as bringing delight to public spaces at festivals and events they also create large scale art and performance projects for the UK and Europe.

We spent time with Mischief La Bas at their office in Glasgow to ensure that after their website was complete they were fully capable of updating it, to add videos and news items whenever they required.

This has built up to become a large body of work over several sections within their site, exemplifying the possibilities of growing fantastic content on a website over time.

Deliverable - Content Management System and Training

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