Creating a personally customizable app to help carers and those with conditions such as dementia and stroke

One of the continual surprises of developing for mobile is the unique ideas you are approached with for apps.

We were asked by Social Care Alba to develop a Communications Tool app, for use in their role as care providers for the NHS.

The Communication Tool app is designed to assist care givers, professionals and family members of people with conditions such as Dementia & Stroke, a window on their needs, likes, tastes and family links.

The care giver can use the iPhone's camera to capture and store memorable images in the app and record details about the individual, creating a resource which express their tastes and needs.

Simple taps on the screen move between subject areas, and allow swapping any images for your own.

The app was produced for Social Care Alba With support from Social Care Alba and NHS Dumfries and Galloway.

Deliverables -

iPhone app
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