A cyber security audit aimed at preventing damaging attacks on your business.

The bog standard internet router supplied by your broadband provider has always provided you with trouble free internet access, but was it shipped with standard security settings able to be easily hacked? This would expose your local PCs and devices.

Internet security, also known as cyber security, is the protection of your online and offline computer systems from malicious damage or theft of information - and importantly from disruption or misdirection of the services you provide.


Last year In Scotland almost 40 per cent of Scottish SMEs spend nothing on IT security, and many manage their own IT themselves.

Scottish Enterprise Link - https://www.scottish-enterprise.com/knowledge-hub/articles/insight/cyber-security-and-why-it-matters

If you are an SME in Scotland internet technologies will most likely have transformed your industry. And when your business increasingly moves online internet security is a critical factor for your business continuity. Of course nothing malicious may ever affect you, but discounting risks to your business can be costly.


An online attack would cripple your capability to trade and service your customers, damaging your relationship with them. Exploits can include spam emails blacklisting your domain name and IP address, the hijacking of your website, email phishing scams and denial of service attacks.


Undertaking a Security Audit

As a consultation we can offer an audit of your online business. Where are you vulnerable, and how can you ensure that you can be back up and running rapidly should an attack happen.

  • How are your back-ups managed?
  • Does your router protect your local network
  • What are your mission critical online systems
  • How do you defend denial of service attacks
  • How to scan for and detect website malware
  • Protecting your web server from malware by installing detection and quarantine

Please also see the new Cyber Resilience Voucher Scheme.